Ebeano Market


From the beginning, our vision has been to take E-commerce to the next level in Nigeria and Africa at large, rendering core services and making life easier for the populace. We consider it a privilege to be able to render these services. As technology continues to evolve, our commitment will always be the same; connecting buyers to sellers, making customers happy and as well increasing sales for vendors. This online service is the way to the future and we leverage on its strengths to handle virtually everything just by the click of a button, ranging from buying and selling of commodities to building and repairs to renting and hotel reservations, even logistics to education, the possibilities are just endless on our platform.

Our Vision

To continue to thrive in this new Global age and become a choice major player in the E-commerce industry with a view to rendering services, easily accessible by all at a quicker and cheaper rate devoid of hitches.

Our coverage

By the power of this online platform and I.T driven technology, we cover Africa and the World at large and cover key economic industries as shown below

Our Services

          The following are services rendered on our platform;

Market Place:

This section is for wholesalers (bulk sellers), where commodities being sold in bulk can be uploaded.

The service targets the major markets in the 36 States of The Federation and the FCT, buyers or consumers can access any of these markets and buy directly from the manufacturers/producers, importers and wholesalers on our platform. In ebeanomarket you can go to any market in Nigeria without you physically being there, let’s say you what to go to Ariari market Aba, or trade fair market Lagos, all you need to do is log on to ebeanomarket.com, click on ebeano market place and it will give you all the 36 States in Nigeria, then you select the state where the market you want to go is and you will see all the markets in that very state listed, for Ariari market select Abia State, for Trade Fair market Lagos select Lagos State and start your shopping from right inside your home, office or on the move inside your car.


These are services rendered by artisans e.g., plumbers, carpenters, electricians, welders etc.

This aims to connect artisans to those who need these services. From our Artisan platform, search for any of these services by selecting your location and exact service needed. In other to avoid inefficiency, background checks are carried out to ascertain how skilled these artisans are and signs a surety/agreement during registrations in case an artisan does anything wrong he/she will be apprehended and prosecuted accordingly. One of the agreement terms signed by an artisan is that he/she will discharge his/her duty diligently without cheating or stealing of any type, which includes;

Adding money to the cost of material, or supplying fake materials and if they do so, they will be prosecuted, It will enable the sojourner not to be stranded in anyway, because it provides quick and easier location of the service provider

As an artisan, all you need to do is register with us online and get connected to the global village. The surest way to succeed in business is by attracting more clients and what better way to do it other than expanding your clientele base. Provided you are skilled in your craft and can cover your field 100 percent, you are at the gate to wealth.


Utility services such as airtime, Dstv, Gotv, Startimes, electricity bills payment of any power distribution company can be done on our platform.

Automobile/Spare parts sales:

We also grant our users the privilege to sell and buy cars of their choice as well as spare parts.

Look up for cars available in your location and place your order, also check for any desired spare parts and purchase directly from our platform.

One can also become a car dealer even without owning a car, all you need to do is register with us and upload cars for sale; once sold he or she receives designated percentages/ commissions.

Real Estate:

Buy or lease any property in any desired location in the country.

Register with us as an agent, upload properties for lease or sale.

One can also become an agent even without owning any properties, all you need to do is register with us and upload any property for lease/rent, once sold he or she receives designated percentages.

We understand the risk those who reside outside the country face when it comes to building or constructing a house of their own. We are here for you; we undertake construction for those who may not be disposed to oversee their projects; you can own any desired house of your choice, anywhere of your choice, all you need to do is register on our platform, tell us your desired house plan and location, we do the rest. From anywhere in the world, you can virtually go to any market and shop for everything you need for your building project by location of your building site, state by state. You can order water tankers, tippers for sands and stone/chippings or whatever it maybe all by yourself, all you need to do is log in to ebeanomarket.com and buy building materials from your choice markets and have them delivered to your site.

1.    It gives hope for individuals or companies outside the country to have their own house or office without playing into the hands of fraudulent workers.

2.    It gives you the chance to build discreetly if you want to keep your project private.

3.     For convenience purpose.

Hotel Reservations and Flight booking:

Register your hotel and flight agency with us and get it global.

Book any hotel of your choice across the federation as well as flights to any destination you desire.

Mode of Registration

Login to the website; www.ebeanomarket.com/register , fill in the details appropriately, verify the link sent to your Email address and login with your username and password to access your dashboard.

Payment Model

Payment can be done directly from your dashboard (in app) using debit card, direct bank transfer or USSD codes.


Payment has to be made and confirmed before a vendor can upload his/her goods

                                      Customers Security

Customers details are one hundred percent secured and can never be breached as our platform is fully protected and our payment gateway is Interswitch

                            Payment and Refund Policy

A vendor can request for payment after 72 hours when goods must have been received and confirmed by the buyer.

A vendor will guarantee that his/her products will be supplied on agreed time and the original products must be supplied, failure to adhere may result to loss of cash and return of goods at which logistics charges will be borne by the vendor.

Vendor is responsible for the cost of any damages caused by his/her errors or mistakes intentionally or unintentionally.

Buyer should notify customer care as soon as goods are received, where goods ordered are different from goods received, buyer should notify customer care department within the 72hours period or may risk losing cash.

In a case where a buyer fails to confirm these goods within the stipulated (72 hours), he loses the right to complain or request for refund after that.

Return Instructions

Step 1:

Send a Complaint

Also include pictures of the product that was delivered to help @ebeanomarket.com as a means of evidence

Step 2:

Return of Authorization

Once you claim is validated, we will provide information on the most suitable means of getting the items from you.

Step 3:

Track Return Statues

We will send you a return will bill number, this will enable you to track the status of your return

Step 4:

Get Resolution

Upon our confirmation of the receipt of the item by the seller, Ebeanomarket will assist only by notifying the seller to resolve the matter, as it is their sole responsibility without any further recourse to Ebanomarket.


Cost of logistics is solely the duty of the buyer, depending on his/her location, quantity of goods purchased, market where goods were purchased from and prevailing economic situations of the country at the time of purchase, cost of logistics may vary.

It is the responsibility of the vendor to waybill these goods to the desired location and negotiate accordingly with the Transport/ logistic company.

Name of driver, contact of driver and vehicle number should be collected by the vendor.

The company will engage all the transport companies in the country for the purpose of signing a MOU which will guarantee the timely delivery of goods and their cost effect as well.