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Akt Led Bulb

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AKT Lighting Bulb
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LED 10W Bulb
Made in China
Key features
This is an Energy Saving Bulb, it can save energy up to 80% of normal bulb with instant start,high luminous efficiency, it is durable, bright and last longer.10 PCS of High light efficiency,Color temperature: white light Save 80% more in energy consumption. Less CO2 emission, Less heat generated.Longer lifespan up to 30000hrs.Input voltage AC180 - 240VGood replacement for incandescent and Energy saving lamps.Pay less, save more of energy consumption!! 10W led bulb10pieces in PIN Type (B22) energy saver, Save energy 80% more than normal bulb Excellent bright colourConsumes less powerVery durable.

When it comes to lighting sources, it must be mentioned that high power LED bulbs have become extremely popular over the past 10 years. In a nutshell, these bulbs use light-emitting diodes that offer high energy efficiency and a longer and better service life. The system is simple: LED lighting products use semiconductor light-emitting diodes that aim to reduce the cost of lighting. The diode technology ensures high-quality lighting while reducing the energy consumption by 70% or even more. High power LED bulbs can be made interchangeable with other lamp models – in other words, powerful LED bulbs can be used to replace fluorescent or incandescent lamps. This is what makes the efficiency of conversion from electricity to light considerably higher compared to the efficiency of incandescent lamps. Even so, the light output varies and this is why most applications require a “bouquet” of diodes – multiple diodes are carefully assembled to provide efficient and reliable light.In order to function, LED bulbs use DC electrical power One of the main benefits of these LED bulbs is that they can efficiently replaced the soft, conventional spot lights and minimize the energy consumption. The power ranges, but the average power of an LED bulb is of 3W (which replaces a conventional spot light of 50W).

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