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Cctv Central Power

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Central CCTV Power Supply  has 15A total Dc current
the new Power Supply series are Advanced Central Power Supply and Ups. Central Cctv Power Supply without battery back up.
Central Cctv Power Supply with improved Heat Dissipation and High Efficiency.Central Power Supply provides 12V Dc at 15A (180W)
One high-current Channel for Nvr or Dvr plus 15 channels for Cctv cameras. Central Power Supply for 16 Channels Allows operating Voltage for Dvr, Nvr and cameras. Each channel (output) is thermal fuse protected.

Led Indicator for each Channel.

One faulty channel does not shut down all the cameras or a complete system. It Keeps working during power failure as a result of Malfunction or Ac Power Loss.
Improved Emi and Rfi Protection Designed for rush Environment.
It Protects the Hard Disk Damage as a Result of Power Jam.
Option: Add Charger with Battery Monitor Space inside the enclosure for Rechargeable Battery 5 or 7 or 9 a/h.
Option: Output to activate Dialer during Malfunction or Low Battery

Technical Details.
Output voltage: 12 to 15 DC volts. Adjustable on board. Option Voltage 24 volts.
Output current: 15A.
Channels: 16-channel.
Chassis: Armored Plastic for easy Installation.
Input voltage: 110 to 220 volts.
Connections: Terminal Wires for thick Wires.
Camera Protection: Electronic fuse 1.9 Amperes Thermal Fuse
Dvr, Nvr Protection: 2.5 Amperes Thermal Fuse
Protection: Overload, short circuit, Emi
Charger: Optional
Battery Type: None. Optional 7 or 9 A/H
Battery Connector: None
Operating Temperature: -20 to +70ºC (-4 to 158ºF)
Enclosure: Abs box
Dimensions: 23 X 31 X 9 cm (9” X 12 1/4” X 3 1/2)

Benefits to the Installer.
  • Central power source for Recorder and Cameras.
  • Protects the Recording Hard Disk.
  • Save time on installation.
  • Suitable for all Cctv Systems.
  • Quality service free device.
Key features
  1. 12V DC regulated power box
  2.  Input Voltage: AC110-120v Ac220-240v
  3.  18 channel output
  4.  Max. output 10Amp total
  5.  Max. output 1Amp for each channel
  6.  Support up 18,9,4 cameras, 9 individually outlet pairs
  7.  Individual Led power Indication, the Red Light shorts Indicator helps you to know which Camera is not working.
  8.  Main power switch with Integral Surge Protection
  9.  Metal case with lock prevents Unauthorized Access
  10.  It offers a more Professional Alternative to Individual Power adapter
  11. ✔ DC 12V ~ 15 amp supply current
  12. ✔ Multiple outputs (Support up to18 cameras)
  13. ✔ Default 1A fuse
  14. ✔ Main power switch with surge protection
  15. ✔ Metal covered case with lock
  16. ✔ Individual LED status indicator
  17. ✔ For indoor use only
  18. ✔ Both type(1A+2A), numerous of fuse provided to fulfill any installation purpose.
  19. Specifications 30Amp
  20. ✔ Output Voltage: DC 12V
  21. ✔ Output Port: 18 channel
  22. ✔ Output Power: 20-18w
  23. ✔ Max. Amp: 30A
  24. ✔ Fuse Type: Glass fuse
  25. ✔ Working Temperature: 0℃~40℃
  26. ✔ Storage Temperature: -20℃~+85℃
  27. ✔ Dimensions: (12.4 x 8.46 x 2.48)"/(31.5 x 21.5 x 6.3)cm (L x W x H)

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